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      Apollo 15 Astronaut Claims Extraterrestrials Created the Human Race

      The idea that extraterrestrials could have created the human race fascinated countless authors and researchers for decades.

      Could Earth be an Alien Prison Planet?

      The new theory proposed by an american ecologist who says that conditions such as back pain and sunburn suggest that humans have not evolved along with other life forms on Earth and that, in fact, humans could have been left on Earth by aliens.

      The Mysteries of the Ancient Sumerians

      The earliest records of the Sumerians date back more than 5,000 years and their origin remains unknown. What we do know, however, is that the Sumerians had a superior, fully developed culture, which imposed on the Semites, partly still barbarians.

      Man Puts Ranch Up For Sale Due To “Alien Attacks”

      After appearing on several television shows, John Edmonds is putting the Startdust ranch in Arizona up for sale for no longer being able to handle the paranormal activity he claims to constantly face.

      The 10,000-Year-Old Rock Paintings Discovered in India

      The discovery of the 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicts several figures that appear to resemble supernatural beings and disc-shaped objects.

      30,000-Year-Old Hidden Writing Could Change Our Entire History

      A highly provocative theory was put forward by a researcher, suggesting that the fabulous Sacsayhuamán temple in Peru may contain a 30,000-year-old hidden writing.

      13th Century Transylvania Church has UFO Painting

      Tourists visiting the old church are often surprised to see a mysterious object, resembling a UFO, painted on a 400-years-old mural.

      Aliens in the Wild West

      Stories about flying metal birds throughout the 19th century and strange drawings on rocks indicate that the Wild West may have been visited by aliens.

      UFOs and Men in Black

      The story of the Men in Black, the mysterious figures that would become the object of fascination of UFO enthusiasts, may be traced back to one day: June 27, 1947. And, it seems, it started with a man, a boy and a dog on a boat.

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