Kapustin Yar: The Area 51 of Russia

A base militar russa pode estar escondendo segredos envolvendo alienígenas.

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The Kapustin Yar Cosmodrome was the most secret air base of the former Soviet Union, rivaling Area 51 in the United States. It went into operation on May 13, 1946 and has since been responsible for numerous rocket launches, and tests of Russian missiles and military aircraft.

The base was considered so secret that the nearby town of Zhitkur had its population evacuated and the city was demolished because it was too close and the government wanted to avoid the “curious”. Kapustin Yar’s secret underground stowed after Zitkhur, named after this city.

Over the years, Western intelligence services have collected a lot of information, photos and documents about Kapustin Yar, but such material has always been considered highly classified and to this day have not been fully released to the public.

Satellite image of Kapustin Yar Cosmodrome.

Among the stories involving the Kapustin Yar Cosmodrome are reports of incidents involving UFOs. Just a year after the UFO incident that allegedly happened in Roswell in the United States, a similar case was registered in the Soviet Union.

An aerial combat between a MIG-15 fighter jet and a UFO would have resulted in the destruction of the plane and the crash of the UFO, which was captured and taken to the underground facilities of Kapustin Yar.

Extraterrestrials in Kapustin Yar

The story of the 1948 UFO incident begins when radar operators at the secret base picked up an unidentified object. A Soviet MIG-15 fighter jet was sent to assess the situation and its pilot obtained a look of a silver cylindrical cigar-shaped object flying over the vicinity of the base.

UFO observed in 1948 by MIG-15 pilot at Kapustin Yar.

Obeying previous superior orders to eliminate any aircraft attempting to fly over Kapustin Yar, the pilot approached the object and began a combat that would have lasted approximately three minutes.

The Russian pilot reported during the combat that the mysterious object focused on him a very strong light, some kind of energy weapon that disoriented him, but did not prevent the firing of a missile, which would have exploded and shot down both ships.

The wreckage of the UFO and plane was collected and routed underground from the base, the Zitkhur, which was intended for Kapustin Yar’s most secret activities.

Extensive documentation would have been produced about the incident, but nothing came out in the press, unlike what happened in Roswell, and the whole story remained hidden from the public for the next 50 years.

Other Incidents in Kapustin Yar

According to the secret archives of the Soviet secret police, the KGB, which went public after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, another UFO was reportedly shot down in 1950 and its wreckage, along with the bodies of at least two extraterrestrials were transported to Kapustin Yar before being sent to the Moscow Medical Institute, where autopsies would have been performed.

Supposed photo of an alien captured by the Russians.

On August 7, 1967, another disc-shaped object reportedly fired “beams of light” at the MIG-19 piloted by Colonel Vyatkin Lev Mikhailovitch, who claimed to have quickly maneuvered his plane and evaded, but the mysterious “beam of light” hit one of the wings that was a strange luminescent glow for a week.

Other reports say that in 1968 the base was attacked by UFOs that managed to destroy four of its ballistic missile silos.

In 1975, another event was recorded without official explanation. A powerful explosion partially destroyed some missile launch silos. Witnesses claimed to have seen a UFO flying over the area before attacking the base with a strange ray of light.

The last recorded sighting occurred on July 28, 1989, when seven witnesses reported seeing three flying objects in the shape of a disc, with a diameter of 2 to 5 meters, which glowed brightly and moved without noise. One of the UFOs hovered near the military base at an altitude of about 60 meters.

KGB files photo of a UFO captured in the USSR.

The KGB produced a 124-page report called the Blue Archive, on all Soviet INCIDENTS with UFOs, especially those of Kapustin Yar.

Kapustin Yar is still a highly protected base in Russia and remains in full activity. This part of Russia has experienced more UFO sightings than any other part of the country. One theory is that recent UFO visits could be rescue missions from crashed or downed UFOs.