The Alien Mask Found in Bulgaria

Uma misteriosa máscara pré-histórica foi encontrada durante as escavações na Bulgária.

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The surprising artifact was found by an archaeological team led by Professor Vasily Nikolov of the Sofia National Institute and Archaeology Museum in the Provadia-Solnitsata settlement in northwestern Bulgaria.

This discovery quickly attracted the attention of many Ancient Astronauts Theorists, especially due to the possibility that in the past we were visited by beings from other planets. His humanoide traits with two large eyes and the clear absence of a mouth have led many to consider that he has “extraterrestrial” features.

The Bulgarian National Radio did a report on the subject and said that the mask was compared by many to a helmet of a modern astronaut.


The piece would have been made about 6,000 years ago, and the two holes drilled at the top suggests the possibility that the artifact was used hanging as a type of amulet.

“Most likely, the artifact was a status symbol hanging from the chest of a person worthy of it”, said one of the project’s archaeologists.

Symbolically, the fact of not having a mouth and, above all, emphasizing the great eyes could indicate wisdom and possibly the status of priest or some other elevated position of the one who was his bearer.

The settlement in Provadia-Solnitsata is considered the oldest in all of Europe and was colonized by the first farmers during the Neolithic Period. Its huge salt deposit was discovered and used at the time and, 1250 years after the beginning of its extraction, due to a strong climate change, the great source of salt dried up and triggered the collapse of that prehistoric community. Currently, the salt deposit is 13 meters below the level of the village.

Archaeologists consider this to be the most impressive find of all found in this place. Undoubtedly, it was the strange appearance of the object that made the discovery and the settlement itself become one of the most important of today.