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      Chinese Military Claims: Beings from Other Planets Live Among Us

      Russian newspaper claims that there are organizations of reports and sightings of UFOs in China being protected by the National Society of Extraterrestrials Studies.

      The Intriguing Sculptures of Abydos

      The intriguing sculptures of Abydos show a helicopter and other futuristic vehicles.

      The Encounter of a Native American Elder with the “Star People”

      An indigenous elder shared a story about the "Star People" and their spaceship that crashed on his reserve in the 1940s.

      The Mysterious StoneHead of Guatemala

      More than half a century ago, deep in the jungles of Guatemala, a gigantic stone head was discovered and soon forgotten.

      Do Aliens Exist? Scientists Respond

      The question was answered by 5 experts, and their answers are fascinating.

      Are the Ancient Astronauts Still Out There?

      The concept of alien life visiting Earth, particularly in ancient times, bringing knowledge to early civilizations has undergone a renaissance in recent years.

      USAF Whistleblower Claims to Have Worked with Extraterrestrial Technology and Entities

      Whistleblower Emery Smith reveals the existence of suppressed technologies that could eliminate cancer, provide free energy and clean water and the environment.

      Submerged City Found in a Lake of China

      Enigmatic sculptures and a Pyramid were found in the ruins of a submerged city in a lake in China.

      Spain Declassifies Top Secret UFO Files

      Spain's Ministry of Defense declassified more than 1,900 pages of files on UFO sightings recorded in Spanish airspace between 1962 and 1995.

      The Mystery of the Vitrified Forts of Europe

      Ancient fortresses built throughout Europe have undergone a mysterious vitrification process that remains unexplained.
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