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      The Inexplicable Alien Encounter at Ariel School

      In total, 62 children testified and announced to their teachers that spaceships had landed near the school and a “little man” would have emerged from one of them.

      “You Are Not Alone” Reveals Message Captured on Mars

      The message is from 2012 and would have been hidden from the public by NASA.

      The Case of the Abducted US Air Force Sergeant

      US Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody claimed to have been abducted by aliens in the Alamogordo Desert of New Mexico.

      UFOs Sighted Over the Amazon Rainforest

      The phenomenon was seen by pilots and flight controllers in Brazil and the reports are part of the secret archives of the aeronautics.

      Carl Sagan: The Creator of ‘Cosmos’ Who Inspired a Generation Passionate About Science

      Carl Sagan's quest for the democratization of knowledge inspired generations of young people to become scientists.

      NASA Scientist Says Tiny Robotic Extraterrestrials Could Visit Earth

      The NASA scientist suggested that aliens may have already visited Earth, but evaded detection due to their appearances being very different from human expectations.

      A Dinosaur Horn Has Been Dated to 33,500 Years

      The discovery suggests that early humans could have walked the Earth along with dinosaurs.

      Ufologist Claims Grey Aliens Have Human DNA

      There are many theories about the extraterrestrials known as "Greys" and some of them claim that they are humans from the future.

      Indigenous Brazilian Tribes Report UFO Attacks

      Mysterious "balls of fire" have frightened the indigenous tribes of Amazon rainforest.

      17th Century Book Describes Extraterrestrial Life

      The 300-plus-year-old book concludes that extraterrestrial beings must exist.

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