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      Gorman Dogfight: The US Fighter Pilot Who Chased a UFO

      The US government tried to explain that the rapidly maneuvering bright object was a weather balloon, but ufologists never believed this theory.

      NASA Astronaut Reveals ETs Came to Earth to Stop Nuclear War

      Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the moon, made startling revelations regarding extraterrestrials and the US government's cover-up.

      Research Claims Octopuses Are Extraterrestrial Creatures

      Scientists claim that octopuses are actually aliens that were brought to Earth by comets or meteors.

      Nikola Tesla and the Contact with Extraterrestrials

      In 1899, Tesla picked up sequential pulses of three beats and was convinced that these signals must have originated somewhere outside Earth.

      NASA Announces How It Will Report Extraterrestrials Contacts

      Top NASA scientists are calling for the creation of a system to report any evidence of extraterrestrial life.

      Nikola Tesla’s Flying Saucer

      Could Nikola Tesla have designed a flying platform that worked?

      DNA Tests Reveal Paracas Skulls Are Not Human

      DNA tests performed on the Paracas skulls showed surprising results.

      How Did the Mayans Know So Much About Astronomy?

      The Mayans knew more about astronomy than the Europeans of their time.

      Former Yugoslav Air Force Commander Reports UFO Encounter and Pursuit

      A former Yugoslavian Air Force and Air Defense Commander has spoken candidly about an encounter followed by a pursuit of a spacecraft.

      Secret UFO Files Reveal British Conspiracy

      Since 2013, the UK Ministry of Defense has declassified secret files related to UFOs that had been kept by its intelligence service for years.

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