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      The Mysterious Sanxingdui Civilization

      The Sanxingdui culture was highly developed and dates back more than 5,000 years, but there are no historical records and it disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.

      Dalai Lama Talks About Extraterrestrial Contacts

      The spiritual leader Dalai Lama shares his views on what we should do in case an extraterrestrial visitor comes to Earth.

      The Hangar 18

      The Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base supposedly contains UFO technology and extraterrestrial bodies.

      FBI Releases Document with Details of Alien Bodies, Spaceships and Planets

      "Some of the discs carry crews, others are under remote control, the bodies of visitors, and also the ship, materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter", states the FBI document.

      The Interdimensional Connection Between UFOs and Bigfoot

      Could the theories of the multiverse and infinite parallel realities connect the UFO phenomenon and interdimensional travelers called Bigfoot?

      Black Knight: The Extraterrestrial Satellite

      The Black Knight Extraterrestrial Satellite theory has been extremely popular among the ufologists, but it was first introduced in 1899 by Nikola Tesla.

      The Palenque Astronaut

      One of the most beautiful sculptures left by the Mayan Civilization is still soured by mysteries and controversies.

      The Battle of Los Angeles

      The UFO Incident known as "The Battle of Los Angeles" was one of the largest public UFO appearances ever recorded in history.

      The Crystal Skulls

      Crystal Skulls with supposed mystical powers began appearing in Central America in the late 19th century and their origins remain unknown, some consider them Aztec, Mayan and even Alien artifacts. Skeptics, however, consider them mere fraud.

      President Eisenhower’s Encounters with Extraterrestrials

      President Eisenhower was extremely interested in UFOs and Extraterrestrials and there is evidence that he meet them secretly.
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