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      CIA released hundreds of files about Ufology on the Internet

      The CIA (United States Central Intelligence Agency) released documents related to Ufology on the internet.

      Astronomers are searching for signs of Alien Life in Andromeda Galaxy

      A group of astronomers has taken the first steps in the search for intelligent life in Andromeda.

      Bigelow is Convinced Extraterrestrials Are Already on Earth

      Billionaire American businessman Robert Bigelow has already allocated millions of dollars to ufological research.

      Native Americans and Ant People

      According to Hopi legends, the Ant People gave shelter to humans during the first clearings of planet Earth.

      The Mystery of the Inuit Tribe that Disappeared Without a Trace

      The area is rich in legends and native folklore about evil forest spirits and monsters like the Wendigo, but as fascinating as these stories are, there is none quite as intriguing as the mysterious disappearance of the Inuits who lived on the frigid shores of Lake Anjikuni in Canada.

      Ufologist says that extraterrestrials explore ores in hinterlands of Brazil

      Scene of constant manifestations and enigmatic flying lights, Chapada Diamantina, in Brazil, has attracted a new category of tourists, ufologists.

      The Little Aliens of Malaysia

      In 1970, six children were playing in a densely forested area and came across a UFO less than a meter in diameter.

      Pier Zanfretta and the Lizard Men

      In the late 1970s, in Italy, a security guard named Pier Zanfretta reported an encounter that left strong evidence of alien contact.

      Scientists claim that extraterrestrial beings live among us

      Some scientists and government officials claim that extraterrestrial beings live among us, that we can come into contact with them in everyday life or that they can even be inside our bodies.

      The Gulf Breeze UFO Sightings

      In 1988, Gulf Breeze, a town in Florida, became the epicenter of a series of UFO sightings mostly centered around Ed Walters.

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