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      The Little Aliens of Malaysia

      In 1970, six children were playing in a densely forested area and came across a UFO less than a meter in diameter.

      Pier Zanfretta and the Lizard Men

      In the late 1970s, in Italy, a security guard named Pier Zanfretta reported an encounter that left strong evidence of alien contact.

      Scientists claim that extraterrestrial beings live among us

      Some scientists and government officials claim that extraterrestrial beings live among us, that we can come into contact with them in everyday life or that they can even be inside our bodies.

      The Gulf Breeze UFO Sightings

      In 1988, Gulf Breeze, a town in Florida, became the epicenter of a series of UFO sightings mostly centered around Ed Walters.

      Commercial aircfrafts are chased by UFOs in Argentina

      Three pilots of Aerolíneas Argentinas reported been pursued by two UFOs.

      Major Marcel’s Secret Diary of the Roswell Incident

      A hidden secret diary belonging to a US intelligence officer has reignited research into the Roswell Incident, the famous New Mexico UFO crash that took place over 70 years ago.

      A dome-shaped structure in Antarctica

      Many believe that this mysterious facility could be home to an ancient civilization.

      Scientists advise officials to prepare for Alien Encounter

      Scientists have advised authorities on planet Earth to prepare for a possible encounter with extraterrestrials.

      The Mystery of the Sphinx

      The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most fantastic monuments in Ancient Egypt and seems to depict a mythical creature with the head of a man and the body of a lion, but is it really that?

      Book of Enoch: Angels or Aliens?

      While religions claim that they were the closest beings to God, there is increasing evidence that can show that they were extraterrestrial who visited us in the past.

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