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      Aliens could exist in the form of Artificial Intelligence

      A small group of thinkers outside the realm of science fiction consider that Artificial Intelligence not only already exists, but has existed for eons.

      Actor Kurt Russell reported UFO sightings

      Legendary actor Kurt Russell talks about his experience with the UFO sighting that became known as The Phoenix Lights.

      KGB Report shows what happened when Russians shot down a UFO

      A KGB document, kept in the CIA's online archives, describes what happened when a UFO was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile.

      Marduk vs Tiamat: The Anunnaki Civil War

      Marduk was the Babylonian god who reigned over the chaos of an Anunnaki war.

      The Mysterious Lost Language of the Angels

      A lost mystical language remains an unsolved enigma.

      The Abduccion of Vicente Lucindo in 1939

      This is a case of contact with extraterrestrials that occurred in Brazil in 1939 and is little known to ufologists.

      The enigmatic cave paintings of Kimberley Cave

      Strange and disturbing faces adorn the caves of northwestern Australia.

      The Abduction of Travis Walton

      In 1975, lumberjack Travis Walton is struck by a mysterious light and disappears for several days, becoming one of the most mysterious and well-documented abduction cases.

      John Lennon saw a UFO and met aliens

      In 1974, John Lennon claimed to have seen a UFO hovering over New York and that, in a second encounter, the aliens gave him a "golden egg".

      The story of Great Flood according to Aztec Mythology

      Descriptions of a cataclysmic flood that destroyed the world can be found in almost every ancient culture, including Ancient Aztec Mythology.

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