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      The Palenque Astronaut

      One of the most beautiful sculptures left by the Mayan Civilization is still soured by mysteries and controversies.

      The Battle of Los Angeles

      The UFO Incident known as "The Battle of Los Angeles" was one of the largest public UFO appearances ever recorded in history.

      The Crystal Skulls

      Crystal Skulls with supposed mystical powers began appearing in Central America in the late 19th century and their origins remain unknown, some consider them Aztec, Mayan and even Alien artifacts. Skeptics, however, consider them mere fraud.

      President Eisenhower’s Encounters with Extraterrestrials

      President Eisenhower was extremely interested in UFOs and Extraterrestrials and there is evidence that he meet them secretly.

      Who are the Pleiadians?

      Ancient civilizations around the world talk about angelic beings who descended from heaven to help humanity, sharing their wisdom with earthlings, and many believe that these space emissaries continue their mission to this day.

      Bob Lazar: The Whistleblower Who Exposes Area 51 to the World

      Bob Lazar shocked the world with his claims about reverse engineering performed on extraterrestrial technologies at a top secret military base known as S-4 in Area 51.

      The Enigmatic Inscriptions of the Easter Island Moais

      After the recent excavations, several inscriptions and symbols were found engraved on the body of the Moais, virtually intact because they were underground.

      The Mysterious Skinwalker Ranch

      The Skinwalker Ranch is known to present a long list of supernatural accounts and, according to residents, is haunted by paranormal activities of alien origin.

      The Pyramids of Ancient Greece

      There are pyramids on almost every continent on Earth, some of which are located in Greece and may be older than the Egyptian pyramids.

      The Stone with Hieroglyphics that came from Space

      In a remote area of Canada, a strange stone fell from the sky, appearing to contain some message from an alien intelligence.

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