Is ET here?

Extraterrestres de várias espécies estariam visitando a Terra, a maioria em uma forma humanoide. Mas por que?

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In the academic world, people like Professor Dr. Robert Trundle, from Northern Kentucky University, in the United States, realize that their statements are not widely accepted and “Avoided” is the word that defines the attitudes of their professional colleagues.

The title of his book “Is ET Here?” is, at least in part, a response to what he calls “the cowardice and vanity of a considerable percentage of American academics.”

What did he mean by that title? Do beings from other places, other than this planet, walk among us?


“Yes, I believe contact was made at least 50 years ago, and I believe beings from other planets are here now, mainly to study us,” Trundle said.

“Do ETs exist from a political perspective? No, because the government is afraid of culture shock and public panic. For the government to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrials here would be admitting that it cannot protect us from them. Scientifically, I argue that thousands of Relevant witness accounts cannot simply be dismissed. I’m talking about pilots who came forward even though it meant they had to undergo psychiatric examinations as a direct result of their testimony,” says Dr. Trundle.

We cannot use current science as a standard to exclude the possibility of more advanced science.

“For example, science says that it is impossible to travel at the speed of light. If it were possible, it would take four years of traveling at the speed of light to reach the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. Given our current technology, it would probably take us 50,000 years to get there, more or less. Based on this, the scientific community happily rules out the existence of extraterrestrials. It’s like saying that if we can’t do it, they can’t either.”

Dr. Trundle’s Book

Dr. Trundle’s book is not an easy read, but it is an intriguing sampling of UFO reports, sightings, and documents, including this quote from an FBI memo made public under the Freedom of Information Act:

“An Air Force investigator stated that three so-called ‘flying saucers’ were recovered in New Mexico, circular in shape and with raised domes, approximately 15 meters in diameter each, occupied by three humanoid-shaped bodies, but only 1 meter high”.

This is a subject that Dr. Trundle has been pursuing for years. His grandfather, who was president of the now-defunct Trundle Engineering Co. in Cleveland, was fascinated by extraterrestrials and, when he died in 1954, left Robert a small collection of books about UFOs.

His first UFO-themed article, entitled “Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Challenge to Theology, Physics and Metaphysics” was published in 1994. His second book, “Illustrated News of the Unbelievable”, co-authored by George Filer, a retired officer from the United States Air Force Intelligence Service.

Dr. Trundle now exposes, in his new book, scenarios in which extraterrestrials of various species would be visiting Earth, most in a humanoid form. But why?

“There are benign scenarios, where they can be seen as anthropologists coming here out of curiosity. Then there is a more ominous scenario, where they are studying to see if Earth is potentially habitable for their species. Another possibility, even more What is worrying is that they have a program to create hybrid beings, through mating with human beings, to strengthen their species”, says the professor.

Summarily rejected, discredited and shunned by his fellow academics, philosopher and professor Dr. Trundle states: “I’m just trying to seek the truth, exactly the way the philosopher Socrates asked it to be applied in everyday life: By questioning!”