KGB Report shows what happened when Russians shot down a UFO

Um documento da KGB, guardado nos arquivos online da CIA, descreve o que aconteceu quando um OVNI foi derrubado por um míssil antiaéreo.

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Global governments and intelligence agencies around the world have released hundreds of thousands of pages of documents pertaining to the UFO phenomenon in recent years. These files indicate that objects are commonly tracked by radar and pursued by the military, and sent for more detailed analysis.

The files also reveal sightings of strange objects traveling at incredible speeds and performing maneuvers that no known aircraft could perform.

These objects are believed to be of extraterrestrial origin, not only because of their technological superiority, but also because many high-ranking politicians and military personnel, along with prestigious academics, shared information that they were familiar with the intelligent extraterrestrial beings that visit our planet.


It’s no surprise that the CIA and other US intelligence agencies were watching other countries, we know that spying happens all the time and governments in other countries do the same.

The UFO issue has obviously been of extreme interest to these agencies, given the scale of resources invested in the investigation. Documents in the CIA archives also show that they were interested in reports of real extraterrestrial bodies.

In one of the documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), four-star general Nathan Twinning wrote: “The reported phenomenon is real and not fictitious. The reported operational characteristics such as extreme rates of acceleration, maneuverability and actions considered evasive actions when sighted or contacted by our aircraft and radars, give rise to the possibility that these objects are controlled manually, automatically or remotely”.

This argument was also made a few years ago by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, who stated that: “Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we would end up and offered us help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted his visits as a threat and decided to shoot first and ask questions later.”

In this same speech, he also mentions the fact that as a result of our own displays of aggression, UFOs began taking “corrective measures to avoid our aircraft” and that some pilots actually lost their lives as a result of retaliation.

The KGB Incident

The document is stored in the CIA’s online archives and can be found at this link, and can be read below:

The document states that: “After Mikhail Gorbachev disbanded the KGB Secret Intelligence Service in 1991, much material from the department was leaked, especially to the CIA, which obtained a 250-page file on the UFO attack on a military unit in Siberia” and continues describing something extraordinary.

The archive contains not only many photographs and documentary drawings, but also testimonies from real participants in the events. One of the CIA representatives referred to this case as ‘a horrible image of revenge by extraterrestrial creatures, an image that makes the blood freeze’.

According to KGB materials, a rather low-flying, disc-shaped spacecraft appeared above a military unit that was carrying out routine training maneuvers. For unknown reasons, someone unexpectedly launched a surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile and hit the UFO. It fell to Earth not far away, and five small humanoids with ‘big heads and big black eyes’ emerged from it.

In the testimonies of the two soldiers who remained alive, it was stated that after freeing themselves from the wreckage, the aliens approached each other and then ‘merged into a single object that acquired a spherical shape’. This object began to hum sharply, and then turned bright white. In a few seconds, the spheres grew much larger and exploded, releasing an extremely bright light. At that same moment, 23 soldiers who were watching the phenomenon turned into ‘stone statues’. Only two soldiers who were in the shadow and less exposed to the light blast survived.

The KGB report goes on to say that the remains of the UFO and ‘petrified soldiers’ were transferred to a secret scientific research institution near Moscow. Experts assumed that a source of energy still unknown to earthlings instantly changed the structure of the soldiers’ living organisms, transforming them into a substance whose molecular composition is no different from that of limestone.

The document ends with a comment from a CIA representative who says: “If the KGB file corresponds reality, this is an extremely menacing case. The aliens possess such weapons and technology that go beyond all our assumptions. They can stand up for themselves if attacked.”

Mikhail Gorbachev was head of state of the Soviet Union from 1988 to 1991, and publicly declared that “the UFO phenomenon exists and must be treated seriously.”