Bulgarian scientist claims that Aliens are already on Earth

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Lachezar Filipov, was deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) until his death in 2021.

Before that, he confirmed the research that was being done to decipher the answers to 30 questions that were asked to extraterrestrials.

He said academy researchers were analyzing 150 crop circles from around the world that they believe answer the questions.


“Aliens are currently all around us and watching us all the time. They are not hostile, on the contrary, they want to help us, but we have not evolved enough to establish direct contact with them”, said Filipov.

He said that humans would not be able to establish contact with extraterrestrials through radio waves, but through the power of thought.

Lachezar Filipov in an interview at Bulgarian television.

“Aliens criticize people’s amoral behavior when it comes to human interference in the processes of nature. The human race could have direct contact with these aliens in the next 10 to 15 years if we change our attitudes towards the planet and our self-destructive behavior”, explained the scientist.

The publication of the BAS investigators’ report on communication with aliens came amid a controversy over the role, viability and reform of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.