Marduk vs Tiamat: The Anunnaki Civil War

Marduk era o deus babilônico que reinou sobre o caos de uma guerra Anunnaki.

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Marduk was a giant Babylonian god “from another world”, he fought against the goddess Tiamat, who wanted to destroy the Earth and all the Anunnaki.

His origin is mysterious, he was the son of Enki and he had alien features: giant size, two heads, four eyes, four ears, and radiating light.

The mesopotamian sacred text of creation Enuma Elish says that Marduk was created in the Abzu, the Anunnaki’s underworld, and described him as follows:


“He [Ea or Enki] created him so perfectly that his divine head was double
Four were his eyes, four were his ears;
When his lips moved, the fire burned and radiated.
All four ears were huge.
And equally the eyes; the eyes perceived everything.
The tallest among the gods, his form was extraordinary.
his limbs were very long, its height was extraordinary”

In the temple of Esagila, he was worshiped with a large golden statue and the Enuma Elish narrates a civil war of the gods in Mesopotamia.

The Anunnaki Civil War

Tiamat was the goddess of the oceans, commonly depicted as a sea serpent or dragon, and Abzu was the god of fresh waters, lakes and rivers.

Enuma Elish begins with the following passage:

“When the skies above were not yet named
Nor earth below pronounced by name,
Apsu, the first one, their begetter,
And maker Tiamat, who bore them all,
Had mixed their waters together,
But had not formed pastures, nor discovered reed-beds;
When yet no gods were manifest,
Nor names pronounced, nor destinies decreed,
Then gods were born within them”

Tiamat and Abzu were the primordial gods from whom all other gods descended, and they plotted to destroy all of their descendants due to conflicts between the younger gods.

The god who possessed the Tablet of Destiny was considered supreme ruler by all others.

In response to the annihilation plan, Enki kills Abzu and Tiamat then decides to take revenge for the murder of her consort, for this she created grotesque hybrids, 11 chimeras that carried weapons.

She also gave Kingu, her son and leader of Tiamat’s armies, the Tablets of Destiny, which granted universal and absolute power.

Anu, the god of the sky and lord of the constellations, could not resist the battle against Tiamat, that was when Anshar, god of the horizon, proposed Marduk as a warrior.

Marduk crafted a bow, arrows, a giant mallet, and an electric beam weapon. He also had the Imhullu, a weapon with technology to generate hurricane-force winds.

The Code of Hammurabi also describes that Anu and Enlil had given Marduk a type of Enlil aircraft, an “Enlil-ship”.

With all these weapons, he managed to defeat Tiamat and her 11 chimeras, and later he was proclaimed King of the Anunnaki, possessing the Tablets of Destiny.