Man Puts Ranch Up For Sale Due To “Alien Attacks”

Após ter aparecido em diversos programas de televisão, o americano John Edmonds está colocando o rancho Startdust, no Arizona, à venda por não conseguir mais lidar com a atividade paranormal que ele afirma enfrentar constantemente.

(BIG KAHUNA/Reprodução)
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The couple, John and Joyce Edmonds, have been owning the ranch since 1995. It was purchased so that it could serve as a space for a horse rehabilitation organization and a quiet place to live. “Almost immediately after the day we moved in, the experiments began,” complains the rancher.

John Edmonds said he had already faced 19 aliens with samurai swords and that he and his wife, Joyce, had to resist the abduction attempts.

“They lifted my wife out of bed, took her to the parking lot and tried to avoid her for the ship,” Edmonds said.


On his Facebook page, Edmonds regularly updates his friends and fans of the everyday experiences of living in the so-called Rancho Alien, the American posts photos about the experiences and adventures of the place.

In a specific image of what appears to be dried blood and a sword, he describes the method used to kill the ‘greys’: “Unless you cut off the head and antennae, they instantly ‘call home’. Even with a very sharp sword, it is almost impossible to beheaded them with a single blow”, he wrote.

In this other image below, he shows his scars saying, “That’s why I want to move!”.

Real estate agent Kimberly Gero, who is in charge of negotiating the ranch, says she has seen different reactions from potential stakeholders: “Some are very intrigued and have no problems with the property’s history, others are frightened thinking about what might or may not happen to them.”

John Edmonds, owner of The Stardust Ranch

On sale for $5 million, The Stardust Ranch, in addition to the alien presence, features a 325-square-foot house with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a large swimming pool.

But Edmonds warns potential buyers to be prepared to live on the ranch:

“It’s not something for a traditional family, but it contains many secrets and I believe they are future opportunities to understand the forces that exist in the universe,” he said.

“Please be very well grounded, because the energy here has a tendency to manifest itself with what is happening to you.”