Passenger photographs strange figures above the clouds during a flight

Uma série de estranhas fotografias, em que figuras misteriosas são vistas acima das nuvens, causaram alvoroço nas redes sociais.

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The story happened on a commercial flight, which had left Warsaw and headed for London.

The photograph published on social media recorded several dark objects in the form of tubes above the clouds.

The fact drew a lot of attention due to the disturbing humanoid shape of the figures, in addition to their structure and color, which differ greatly from the clouds, assuming that they are not part of their composition.


“I was flying from Warsaw to London, looking out the window to my left, when I saw these strange thin dark figures in the middle of a cloud,” said the passenger on the plane who took the photograph.

The photo was sent to the American organization Mutual UFO Network, where the witness mentioned the following:

“It definitely wasn’t a building because we were flying really high, so the first thing I thought was that they were mini-tornadoes. There were four figures: two of them were tall and two were slightly smaller, they were close together and weren’t moving at all. These The figures were dark and had a thicker upper body and a thinner lower body, one of them seemed to have wings. I was amazed, everything was deserted above the clouds and then these strange figures appeared on top of a cloud”.

The images caused a series of comments on social media and some people said that the figures were columns of smoke condensed from an electrical or nuclear power plant, but others questioned this hypothesis because, if that were true, many columns of this type would be seen every day, all over the world, on thousands of flights around the globe.