The Abduccion of Vicente Lucindo in 1939

Este é um caso de contato com extraterrestres ocorrido no Brasil em 1939 e pouco conhecido dos ufólogos.

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The following excerpt was originally published in 1982 in the book: “The History of Occultism – 20th Century: Science and Futurology”, by Abílio C. Coelho:

“Happening right here in Brazil, there is an unprecedented case of the appearance of a UFO, whose crew came into contact with a simple cook and made an astonishing revelation to him, which was fully confirmed. The fact is absolutely unknown to fans of the subject in our country , and much less abroad. It happened in 1939, about two or three months before the start of the Second World War. At the time there was no talk of flying saucers nor were they seen with the frequency with which they began to appear in the years post-war.

About fifteen kilometers from the seat of the municipality of Coroaci, state of Minas Gerais, in a place known as Serra do Gordo, a family of miners tried to discover a deposit of mica, an ore that was widely found in the region and was highly sought after by several countries all over the world, mainly the United States, Germany and Japan. Brazil was a major exporter of mica in the years before the war.


Since the beginning of 1939, the Lucindo family, made up of the father, three sons and a son-in-law of the old João Lucindo, opened tunnels in the Serra do Gordo, without being able to find the ore that should be inside the mountain, considering its numerous surface outcrops in the explored area.

In mid-July, João Lucindo, his children and son-in-law began to become discouraged with the exploration, even though their resources were practically exhausted. That face of the mountain, subject to the afternoon sun and therefore more likely to contain the expected concentrations of ore, had already been pierced by tunnels 40, 50 and more meters deep, at different levels, higher and lower, and anything rewarding had been found.

Vicente Lucindo, the youngest of the three brothers, was the group’s cook. As the tent they lived in was built halfway up the mountain, he had a long way to go up and down to get the water needed for his kitchen and for the personal supply of the entire group during the day. The small water spring was at the bottom of a cave that formed at the foot of the mountain. On that day in July, Vicente was late with his chores and dinner was very late. He still had to go get at least one can of water for breakfast the next morning, in addition to what was needed for his father and the others to do their precarious morning hygiene before heading to work.

It was beginning to get dark and the crescent moon was already appearing over the top of the mountain when the cook, with an empty can in his right hand, a cartridge rifle slung over his shoulder, began to descend the steep trail that would take him to the spring. The shotgun could provide him with some hunting for the next day. At that time it wouldn’t be difficult for him to surprise an armadillo, a rabbit, or if he was luckier, even a paca, distractedly crossing his path. It was also not difficult for a jaguar to be treacherously hidden in the forest, waiting to dine on any prey that was less cautious that early in the evening. Vicente Lucindo and his companions were used to hearing its loud roars in the mountains almost every night, when they were already tucked up in their rustic beds. They often saw the tracks in the vicinity of their fragile wattle and daub tent. But on that special July night he would have an unexpected encounter, with strange beings, against whom his cartridge rifle would be of no use.

Book “The History of Occultism – 20th Century: Science and Futurology”, by Abílio C. Coelho

And this is how he told his incredible story, which physical confirmation of data would make believable:

“As I approached the water spring, I started to hear a prolonged hiss, a kind of ‘zziiiiiii’ that I wasn’t able to identify with anything I knew, nothing I had ever heard. I started looking from one side of the trail to the other, back and forth looking for what was making that noise. I remembered looking up and didn’t see anything. So I thought maybe I had a problem with my ears. I stopped at the edge of the spring and put the can on the ground. It was already dark, but the brightness of the light passing through the treetops gave me a good view of the place. I remember well that I was annoyed and intrigued by the noise that continued incessantly in my ears. I bent down to fill the can of water in the spring. It was then that I noticed a different light in the place. I suddenly dropped the can and stood up with the shotgun in my hand, I turned around towards the trail, ready to shoot at anything that appeared. I had the impression that the light was caused by the focus of a large battery-powered flashlight, the kind that many miners use for their night outs.

I quickly verified that there was no one nearby and that I was always in the center of the circle of light, which I estimated to be about five meters in diameter. It was interesting to see that although I moved from one side to the other, back and forth, I always remained in the center of the circle. Little by little I noticed that I could no longer move from where I was, as if my feet were glued to the floor of the clearing. And that’s when they appeared.

Two tall men, at least 1.80 m tall, as they were taller than me, who am 1.75 m, with a kind of metallic mesh covering their bodies from their feet to their necks. I couldn’t clearly make out their faces, surrounded by a brightness that blinded me, but from what I could tell they were normal human faces. Suddenly I understood that they were giving me an order and I looked up: I didn’t see the tops of the trees and, at a height of perhaps fifty meters, an object was hovering like an enormous plate with the bottom facing downwards, which was rotating on itself without leaving. from the place and it was from there that the hissing sound that I heard came from.

Then, still looking up, as if magnetized by the spotlight coming down from the tin plate, I saw that at the bottom of it a kind of hatch was opening through which I could perceive an intense light. I realized that one of the strange beings that was with me on land, took me by the arm and I went up with him, with a feeling that he was being sucked in and we entered through the hatch of the mysterious ship. It seemed to me that I had entered an immense laboratory that could be used for countless purposes. I began to feel a certain dullness in my senses, but I realized that they were undressing me and that I was then subjected to several physiological tests. I also understood that one of them was telling me that nothing bad would happen to me and that they would provide me and my family with a great benefit. Then I just remember arriving back at our tent, with the can full of water on my head, my rifle on my shoulder and not feeling any tired from the long climb. My father and one of my brothers were already about to go looking for me, as I was staying longer than usual. In fact, I was wondering about the benefit that the stranger had promised to do for our family, while I invented a story about a long chase after a paca, to explain my delay. I was not at all willing to suffer the critical incredulity of my father, my brothers and my brother-in-law if I told them what had really happened to me. I would be their laughing stock for a long time. However, if there was such a benefit, then yes, I could reveal the episode in which I was the protagonist.

Shortly afterwards we went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. Firstly because of the event that had just happened to me, secondly because I insisted on remembering what those strange beings had done to me inside the ship, and mainly, I tried to remember something special that they had told me. It was already dawn, the day would soon dawn, when, I don’t know if I was asleep or awake, I remembered what one of the extraterrestrials had told me: “Open a tunnel on the other side of the mountain, at the same level and 10 meters to the right of a large rock that you will find there without much work. Follow the tunnel in a straight line towards the interior of the mountain and before reaching a depth of 30 meters you will find a lot of malacacheta ore”.

I well remembered hearing the strange character say ‘malacacheta’ and not ‘mica’, as we used to say. But I knew the meaning was the same. How could I tell my companions this? After thinking about the matter for a long time, I decided to talk about a hypothetical dream I had had, during which the revelation was made to me. But before doing that, I went alone to look for the rock. To my surprise and delight, it wasn’t difficult to find it. So I was not, as I suspected, the victim of a disconcerting hallucination. I told my father about the ‘dream’ and he went with me to the other side of the mountain to see the large rock that I had discovered. On the same day we started opening the exploration tunnel 10 meters to the right of it. Less than a month later, at a depth of 27 meters we found the ore and, as the alien told me, in large quantities.

Only then I tell my father and my brothers about my encounter with beings from another planet and my stay on their ship. I told them about the revelation that had been made to me and that we had just proven accurate with the happy discovery of the ore. But they looked at me in disbelief and preferred to think that it had all really been a dream. But I was sure I hadn’t dreamed. He had actually been on an extraterrestrial ship in the company of his crew. However, if I had insisted on the true fact, at the time it happened, I would have been accused and, what is worse, considered weak in judgment. But for my peace of mind, I lived until the time when the appearances of these unknown flying objects and contacts with their strange crew members became quite common in various parts of the world, including Brazil.”

Vicente Lucindo died in 1970, shortly after he revealed to me what I have just narrated. We had arranged for him to come to Rio de Janeiro, where I intended to put him in contact with some ufologists so that his case could be properly raised and registered in the Brazilian ufology archives. His death frustrated our intention, but it did not prevent me from revealing his strange experience.