Biographer Claims Nikola Tesla Had Contact With Extraterrestrials

Cientista teria construído um receptor super poderoso para captar sinais alienígenas, mas o material foi apreendido pelo governo americano.

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Tim R. Swartz, the famous Nikola Tesla biographer, claims that it is possible that there was a link between the Serbian inventor and intelligent aliens, according to his book “The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla”.

The theory only adds to the mystery surrounding Tesla, who had much of his documents and personal notes confiscated by the US government.

Many people believe that his inventions could potentially be dangerous to the interests of the industry.


According to Swartz, during the test of one of his devices, Tesla detected radio transmissions that he attributed to extraterrestrial communications, because at the time there were no radio stations on Earth.

After that event, the scientist reportedly became obsessed with building better and more powerful radio receivers.

Although Tesla’s most important records and notes are in the possession of the US government, Swartz claims he acquired a number of private files at an auction in 1976.

The author further says that all this information disappeared after the visit of alleged Men in Black.