CIA released hundreds of files about Ufology on the Internet

A CIA (Agência Central de Inteligência dos Estados Unidos) liberou documentos relacionados à Ufologia na internet.

Supostos discos voadores na Inglaterra, em 1962 (Foto: Reprodução/CIA)
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An extraordinary 95% of all Americans have heard or read at least something about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and 57% believe they are real.

Former US presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan claim to have seen UFOs.

The files published on the CIA website report appearances of Unidentified Flying Objects, mainly flying saucers, which have appeared in countries such as Germany, Congo, Spain, among others.


These are hundreds of detailed reports on investigations carried out from the 1940s to the 1990s.

From the list, the testimony of a witness from East Germany in 1952 stands out: “The side of the object where the holes opened began to glow. The color appeared green, but then turned into red. At the same time, I started to hear a slight buzzing sound. As the brightness and noise increased, a cone-shaped tower began to slide from the bottom of the object. He then began to slowly rise and spin like a top.”

Report on the appearance of flying saucers in Germany in 1952
(Photo: Reproduction/CIA)

The agency also gives some tips on how to investigate flying saucers. Some of them are:

  • create a research group
  • determine task objectives
  • consult experts
  • create a method for developing reports and a system for organizing them
  • create a way to differentiate between flying saucers and common aircraft
  • conduct controlled experiments
  • be skeptical

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