USAF Whistleblower Claims to Have Worked with Extraterrestrial Technology and Entities

O denunciante Emery Smith revela a existência de tecnologias suprimidas que poderiam eliminar o câncer, fornecer energia gratuita e limpar a água e o meio ambiente.

Dr. Emery Smith
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In 1990, after undergoing military program training while attending high school, Emery Smith became an active member in the service of the USAF, the United States Air Force, being sent to Lackland Base in San Antonio, Texas, and later transferred to Kirtland Base in New Mexico, where he worked with the University of New Mexico Hospital as a surgical assistant and paramedic.

In nearly 30 years as an Air Force Field Doctor, Dr. Emery Smith claimed to have worked in an underground biological facility at Kirtland Air Base, providing detailed autopsy reports of more than 3,000 specimens and 1,200 alien bodies.

Smith stated that his work was carried out on extraterrestrial technologies taken from alien beings and spacecraft that fell to Earth and were recovered or captured by the military and that it has the potential to change the world as we know it.


In an interview with producer and journalist Jordan Sather, Dr. Smith made a series of impressive revelations, including that extraterrestrial flying saucers are composed primarily of living and intelligent organic materials that can change shape and are directly connected to their pilot.

“I witnessed many different types of spacecraft in these projects, I was actually working with the ships and the bodies together because they were connected. Many of the ships are made of organic matter, which means that only the designated pilot can operate the vehicle due to its DNA and the frequency they are emitting. It’s like having a pet or a car that only responds to the owner. These types of vehicles are so amazing that they are usually built in space itself, through harmonics and frequencies. So they can really bring a ship to life by incorporating artificial intelligence or consciousness, or both, and combining it with the pilot or the occupants of the vehicle”, Smith says.

Dr. Emery Smith claimed to have worked with several different types of flying saucers that were constantly emitting energy signals, even more than 30 years after they were recovered.

“Of course there are always the classic spherical models and disc formats, but there are also other ships that are interdimensional and that can change shape. So they can come in the form of light and they can manifest and change their atomic structure to become solid, these types of ships are much more advanced than the ones we usually hear about in popular accounts or on television”, Smith says.

Smith claims that this technology is thousands of years ahead of ours and is being suppressed from public knowledge.

“These ships can actually enter interdimensional planes, they can change shape without the occupants realizing what is happening and then returning to their original form in other worlds, dimensions or different parts of the universe instantly. The ships have their own atmosphere, their own gravity and their own interior space designed to keep the occupants inside it. These extraterrestrials have already mastered teleportation and their bodies can shrink within their own space. And that’s why they can instantly accelerate to thousands of miles per hour, make impossible turns and maneuvers for us, because they don’t feel it. They are in their own dimensional holographic world, where they fall within these scientific algorithms”, Smith says.

Dr. Emery Smith explains that his reason for going public is that this extraterrestrial technology could completely change human life and the world as we know it, offering free unlimited energy and innovative medical and scientific knowledge, and large corporations and corporations are already doing everything they can to get their hands on this science.