The Case of the Abducted US Air Force Sergeant

O sargento da Força Aérea dos EUA, Charles L. Moody ,afirmou que foi abduzido por alienígenas no deserto de Alamogordo, no Novo México.

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On the night of August 13, 1975, at about 1:20 AM, US Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody, 32-year-old, was driving his car through the Alamogordo Desert, New Mexico, to watch the a meteor shower.

Moody was astonished to realize that instead of “shooting stars”, he saw a bright disk-shaped craft approximately 15 meters long and 6 meters wide that emitted a high-pitched hum.

According to Sergeant Moody’s account, the craft landed about 20 meters away from him and had a rectangular window at the front, where he could see some shadows that resembled humans.


Sergeant Moody tried to drive away, but his car wouldn’t start and at that moment he felt his entire body go numb before witnessing the strange ship suddenly take off and disappear.

Shaken by his experience, Moody returned home and recounted the episode to his wife, at this point he realized it was past 3 AM and he had wasted nearly two hours in an incident that seemed to have lasted no longer than a few minutes.

A few days later, Moody reported an unusual rash on his skin and went to see a doctor who, after hearing the sergeant’s story, suggested he practice self-hypnosis to try to remember what had happened during the lost time.

After a few weeks, Sergeant Moody remembered that, after the dormancy, he saw several humanoid beings exiting the ship, approaching his car and taking him aboard the unidentified craft.

The extraterrestrial beings described by Sergeant Moody.

“The beings were about five feet tall and very similar to us, except that their heads were larger, they had no fur, their ears were very small and their eyes were a little larger than ours, their noses were small and their mouth had very thin lips. They spoke, but their lips did not move. They were wearing a tight-fitting type of clothing, but I couldn’t see any zippers or buttons. The color of their clothing was black, except for one of them who wore a kind of silvery white suit,” said Sgt. Charles L. Moody.

Moody said that the white-clad alien, who he believed to be the leader, asked him telepathically if he would behave peacefully, and after he agreed, the humanoid touched Moody with a rod-shaped device on his back, which he immediately relieved his pain.

After that, Moody was taken to a white room, with rounded walls and unusual lighting, where one of the beings examined him and told him: “I will not hurt you. We were not made to hurt you.”

After the examination, the sergeant asked if he could see the engine room, the beings agreed and took him to a lower level of the ship where he saw a complex machine that was made up of long metallic rods and large crystal-like spheres. The extraterrestrial beings explained to him that the spacecraft operated using the principle of positive and negative magnetic poles.

The beings also told Moody that they had a much larger “mothership” in orbit and that they were not the only race of extraterrestrials visiting Earth, warned of the danger of using nuclear weapons, and said that one day they will reveal their existence for the whole world.

Before leaving the ship, the beings explained that he would not remember what had happened, so Charles L. Moody was placed back in his car, where he watched the spaceship take off and disappear into the night sky, his last memory before his self-hypnosis sessions.