Native Americans and Ant People

De acordo com as lendas Hopi, o Povo Formiga deu abrigo aos humanos durante as primeiras limpezas no planeta Terra.

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The Hopi are North American natives who inhabit two reservations in Arizona, the Hopi Reservation, in the northwest, and the Colorado River Reservation, in the west of that state.

The name Hopi is an abbreviation of the compound term Hopituh Shi-nu-mu, meaning Peaceful People or, even, The Little Peaceful Ones.

The denomination is justified, the Hopi religion is essentially pacifist and involves respect for all things and beings of nature, according to the commandments of Maasaw: Creator and Protector of the World.


The Hopi, like most ancient cultures, have a rich tradition related to the creation of the world, its cycles of development and decay, and its end.

This culture, whose language reveals an intimate relationship with other pre-Columbian peoples, especially the Aztecs, has a cosmogenesis that resembles the conceptions that seem to be repeated throughout the planet, an indicative fact that, in some way, all of Humanity, received its traditions from the same source, although legends and prophecies have acquired, over time, small differences, insignificant in relation to the whole and which are the result of local peculiarities.

For the Hopi, the Great Creator of Planet Earth is a divine entity that came from the stars, which refers to the famous Ancient Astronaut Theory that the human race is the product of extraterrestrial colonization.

The most important indication is the same that appears in other predictions: the appearance in the skies of a ‘destroying star’ that will be preceded by smaller stars: in this case, a big blue star, which they call Saquasohuh Kachina, which will precede a bigger one, a purple or violet star, and it will be definitive for the extermination of the current human race, of which there will be a few survivors, who will be the seeds of the Fifth World.

The Hopi also believe in the cyclical rise and extinction of Men, who renew themselves in increasingly evolved races towards a spiritual purification that will reach the ideal term in the Seventh Race or Seventh World.

The end of the world, according to the Hopi tradition, includes the whole range of catastrophes described in other prophecies, inevitable natural disasters, considering that the intersection between the orbits of the Earth and that of a large body, whether planet, asteroid or comet, will produce great changes in the terrestrial ecosystem.

This end of the world, according to the Hopi, also includes the idea of ​​punishment, of a negative karma to be redeemed and predicts that the blue star will come crowning a sequence of nefarious actions perpetrated by men: a war that could destroy the Earth, with right to atomic bombs and radioactive pollution.

Only the Hopi, or the Pacific, will be spared, refugees in subterranean places where more spiritually evolved peoples would live, which they call “The Ant People”.