John Lennon saw a UFO and met aliens

Em 1974, John Lennon afirmou ter visto um OVNI pairando sobre Nova York e que, em um segundo encontro, os alienígenas lhe deram um "ovo de ouro".

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During most of John Lennon’s life, many strange things happened to him and there are hundreds of known stories, but nothing compares to the story of how John Lennon saw a UFO over New York City and how he met them in person.

John Lennon’s first allusion to UFOs appears, discreetly, in a corner of the first page of the booklet of his classic album “Walls and Bridges”: “On the 23rd August 1974 at 9 o’clock, I saw a UFO.”

It wasn’t Lennon’s attempt to be weird or funny, he claims he actually saw the UFO.

Detail of the cover of John Lennon’s album Walls and Bridges

According to the story, Lennon was lying in his bed when he suddenly felt the urge to go out onto the balcony, where he saw a flying saucer with white lights flashing underneath and a red light on top.

Lennon explained that he was completely sober throughout the experience, although the situation occurred during Lennon’s infamous “lost weekend”, in which he had separated from his wife Yoko Ono and lost himself in drink and drugs with his friends.

May Pang, Lennon’s assistant, and his girlfriend during this weekend, said the following in her autobiographical book:

“We had just ordered pizza and since the night was warm, we decided to go out on the terrace. There were no windows facing us across the street, so John went out without clothes in order to catch a breeze. I remember who was inside the room getting dressed when he started shouting for me to come out to the terrace. I shouted back that I was going, but he kept shouting for me to go right then. When I came out, my eye caught this large circular object coming towards us . It was shaped like a flattened cone and on top of that it was huge, bright, had a red light at the top, it didn’t pulse like a conventional plane. As it got a little closer, we could see a row or circle of white lights running around the entire edge. I estimate it was about the size of a jet plane and it was so close that if we had had anything to throw at it it probably would have hit it pretty easily. Often helicopters would fly overhead, but it was so quiet like night, and we were 17 floors above street level. We took some photos, but they appeared overexposed. We even called the police and were told to remain calm, that others had seen it too. John spent the whole night saying, ‘I can’t believe this… I saw a flying saucer!'”

May also remembers John with his arms outstretched and shouting for the UFO to come back and take him with it.

“John was very serious and I think he really wanted to be taken along when that thing went back to wherever it went, but that was very John Lennon, always looking for the next big adventure.”

Lennon also claimed to have taken photos of the UFO with two different cameras, but when he developed them nothing was seen, and says that when he called the police to report the fact, they said they had received several similar calls.

Drawing made by John Lennon portraying the sighting.

Lennon later recounted his experience in one of the lines of his song Nobody Told Me: “There’s UFO’s over New York and I ain’t too surprised”.

But this experience was nothing compared to another story of Lennon coming into contact with extraterrestrials.

Uri Geller, a world-renowned psychic and friend of Lennon, claims that Lennon told him he had met aliens:

“I have kept this story for many, many years and have never told anyone. When John told me about this event, at the time, it was so bizarre and strange that no one would believe it, but nowadays many people report how they were taken to UFOs and probed by aliens from outer space.

John never asked me to keep his story a secret, so I thought it would be interesting to tell it. Basically, I was impressed, because I already believed in aliens visiting our planet at the time.

One night, he was lying in his bed in the Dakota building where he lived in New York, and suddenly he noticed an extremely bright light coming through the edges of his bedroom door. It was so intense that he thought someone was shining a spotlight on his apartment. He got up and opened the door. The next thing he could remember were four slender figures. Two of them took his arms and the other two gently took his legs and led him to this tunnel of light. He was shown his whole life, as if he were watching a movie, and he told me it was the most remarkable and beautiful thing he had ever seen. John remembered that they had given him something, and when he opened his hand, there was a strange metal ball, roughly egg-shaped, golden, very smooth and very heavy, measuring a little over an inch. Then he reached into his pocket, took out the object the aliens had given him, and gave it to me.”

Uri Geller and the “golden egg” he got from John Lennon.

Uri Geller said that Lennon described the alien creatures as insects, and when asked why he no longer wanted the egg, Lennon said, “It’s very strange to me. If this is my ticket to another planet, I don’t want to go there.”

Asked if he still possessed the golden egg and if any kind of scientific analysis had been carried out, Uri replied: “Yes, of course, I have the egg, but I have never subjected it to scientific testing because I don’t want to risk disappointment if in case it was made in Taiwan and by human hands. I prefer to keep it a mystery. I believed in John and still do.”

Below you can check out the video in which John Lennon talks about his sighting: