Area 51 Scientist Made Striking Statements About His Work With Extraterrestrials Before He Died

Divulgada a filmagem na qual o especialista afirma ter trabalhado no estudo de naves e corpos extraterrestres na Área 51.

Boyd Bushman
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After the death of American scientist Boyd Bushman in August 2014, a footage was released in which the expert claims to have worked on the study of extraterrestrial ships and bodies at a secret U.S. Air Force base.

In the affidavit, Bushman, who was a leading researcher at aerospace company Lockheed Martin, shows a series of photos corresponding to different types of aliens and spacecraft, which he himself explains were made with disposable cameras in Area 51, the U.S. Air Force’s famous covert operations base in the state of Nevada.

“As far as extraterrestrial ships are concerned, we have the support of U.S. citizens, who worked 24 hours a day studying UFOs. We try to understand what we should do,” Bushman said.


He also explained that there are two fundamental groups of aliens currently under study: “It looks like a ranch. One group is cowboys and the other is cattle thieves. Cowboys are friendmore and get along better with us,” Bushman said.

Check out Boyd Bushman’s interview in the video below: