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J. Allen Hynek: the Project Blue Book astronomer

When the US government called on Hynek to help investigate UFOs, he was a skeptic, but not for long.

Research indicates that Alien Civilizations may have explored the galaxy and visited Earth

The research attempts to answer the question: Where is everyone?

Al-Naslaa: the megalith divided in half with Laser precision

In the Tamya oasis in Saudi Arabia lies a fascinating megalith called Al-Naslaa, perfectly split in half with laser-like precision.

UFOs are spotted by 6 commercial flights in Chile

Strange lights have been reported by several flights in the airspace of Livor, Chile.

Passenger photographs strange figures above the clouds during a flight

A series of strange photographs, in which mysterious figures are seen above the clouds, have caused an uproar on social media.

The Amazing Ingá Stone in Brazil

This is a Brazilian archaeological monument that contains several inscriptions and rock drawings carved into the rock.

CIA released hundreds of files about Ufology on the Internet

The CIA (United States Central Intelligence Agency) released documents related to Ufology on the internet.

Astronomers are searching for signs of Alien Life in Andromeda Galaxy

A group of astronomers has taken the first steps in the search for intelligent life in Andromeda.

Bigelow is Convinced Extraterrestrials Are Already on Earth

Billionaire American businessman Robert Bigelow has already allocated millions of dollars to ufological research.

Native Americans and Ant People

According to Hopi legends, the Ant People gave shelter to humans during the first clearings of planet Earth.