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Extraterrestrial Organic Material founded in 3-billion-years-old rocks

Researchers say they have found traces of organic material from outside the Earth in rocks in South Africa.

Is ET here?

Extraterrestrials of various species would be visiting Earth, most in a humanoid form. But why?

Could Alien Astronomers Detect Life on Earth?

Could other civilizations realize that life thrives on Earth?

How do different religions view the existence of Alien Life?

Although we have not yet found proof of the existence of life on other planets, some beliefs believe in this hypothesis.

The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most feared areas on the planet due to the scary stories of ships and planes that ventured into the region and disappeared without a trace.

Biologist Creates Device Capable of Detecting Life on Distant Planets

The instrument can identify the biosignatures that plant organisms leave in light rays.

Center for Extraterrestrial Research at Unicamp would host Varginha’s ET

Ufologists point to the university as a shelter for extraterrestrial creatures and the largest Brazilian research center on life beyond Earth.

Bulgarian scientist claims that Aliens are already on Earth

Scientists at the Bulgarian Space Research Institute are working to decipher a complex set of symbols sent by extraterrestrials.

Aliens could exist in the form of Artificial Intelligence

A small group of thinkers outside the realm of science fiction consider that Artificial Intelligence not only already exists, but has existed for eons.

Actor Kurt Russell reported UFO sightings

Legendary actor Kurt Russell talks about his experience with the UFO sighting that became known as The Phoenix Lights.